Selection & entry fee

Entry Fee

Pilots: 490 €
Team leaders/Assistants: 250 €

Provisional maximum number of pilots in the championship is 140 with: 110 in Class 130 in Class 5.
If there are less pilots in one class, remaining places will be given to the other class.
Team sizes are: 6 in Class 1 and 6 in Class 5.
Final numbers of pilots will be decided on the next CIVL plenary.

Training days

Prior to the beginning of the competition, from 15-18.07.2021 for the pilots that want to familiarize themselves with the flying area, training days will be organized.

A Practice Fee of 100 € will be charged for the 4 days. The Practice Fee includes assistance at take-off, live tracking, emergency rescue and first aid medical service.

Eligibility to Compete

As per FAI Sporting Code – Section 7A In the 36 months before the ranking reference date, which is 3 calendar months before the championship starts (from April 2019), a pilot has to have:
Class 1:  
• Been ranked with at least 20 WPRS points in Hang Gliding Class 1.
• Participated in one or more FAI sanctioned competitions with at least 30 pilots. 
Class 5:
• Been ranked with at least 20 WPRS points in Hang Gliding Class 1, 2 or 5.
• Flown a Class 5 glider in at least one Second Category event with at least 30 participants