Test event for the 23rd FAI World Hang Gliding Championship will take place in Krushevo, Macedonia from 26th to 31st July 2020.

Purpose of the competition is to provide fair and safe flying conditions for all pilots and reinforce the friendship between the pilots and familiarize the pilots with the venue and organizers.
Happening in the best period of the year for this flying site and run by the experienced team along with the predictable weather with 90% of competition flying days its a guarantee for fair competitive event and equal chance for every competitor.

Selection and entry fee

Entry Fee250 €
Pilots will be accepted on first paid, first confirmed basis.
The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 130.

Payment instructions:

All entry fees are to be paid to the following bank account
All payments must be paid with OUR clause.


Free Training: 26th of July, 10 am – 4 pm
Official Registration: 26th of July, 5 pm – 8 pm Competition Headquarters
Mandatory Safety Briefing: 26th of July, 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm Hotel Montana
Contest flying days: 27th to 31st of July
Prize-giving & Closing: 31st of July, 9 pm Montana Hotel

Daily schedule

8:30 am: Headquarters open
10:15 am: Task and Safety Committee meetings
11:15 am: Pilot briefing/Task briefing
12 pm: Take-off window opens (depending on the actual weather conditions)
4 pm: Scoring office opens
9 pm: Provisional results (depending on the last pilot being returned)

Flying Site

All kind of different cross-country flights can be made in the flying area. Usual flights are out-and-return to town Prilep to the East, all kind of triangles and zigzags in the valley or over the ridge or distance flights to the South up to the Greek border. Coming back from the South is more demanding because in “normal” summer afternoon light north wind is blowing through the valley. A good road connection helps coming back.

East Start 1420m ASL (41.340802, 21.256547)
It is facing east – northeast towards Pelagonia Valley. It is several minutes drive from the town and an asphalt road goes almost through the launch. When you take the hang glider from the car, it is already on the place where it should be opened. Lazy pilots will love this launch. East Start is a grassy shallow slope bordered by big trees from the South, which offers thick shadows in sunny days. 
Home thermals are everywhere: on the left, on the right side from the take off and sometimes straight ahead. 

West Start 1440m ASL
It’s a secondary smaller take off place facing west – southwest, it is 500 meters away from East Start. Cars, again, can be driven right up to the launch. 
The same cross-country flights can be done from here. There is easily reachable bomb-out landing field under this launch but it’s smaller than on the other side of mountain where there are very large fields, mostly grassy. This launch can also be used for beginners so landings should suit competition pilots too!

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans, 159 km from the capital Skopje, 55 km from Bitola, 32 km from Prilep, and only 68 km from the Macedonian – Greek crossing border “Medzitlia – Niki”.